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Nitrogen Generators

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Nitrogen Generators

from Generon IGS Innovative Gas Systems

Nitrogen Generator Product

Generon IGS is one of the world’s largest producers of Membrane Nitrogen Generators and has thousands of these systems in operation in almost every part of the world. Generon has a reference list that includes major Oil and Chemical Companies, Marine Shipping Companies, Oil Service Companies, Major Manufacturing Companies, and hundreds of independent manufacturers worldwide.

Generon IGS controls all aspects of its proprietary and patented fiber manufacturing process: from formulation, to extrusion, to process treatment, to spinning, to post treatments, and ultimately to fabrication of the Nitrogen Membrane and Dehydration Separation Modules. Painstaking QC and years of experiences in the design and fabrication of membrane fibers and systems enables theGENERON® fiber to be the standard of the industry.

The quality of the product you receive from Generon IGS is assured through our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities at both the Pittsburg, California Fiber Manufacturing Plant tan the Houston, Texas System Integration Manufacturing Facility.

Generon IGS’ Houston System Integration Manufacturing Facility is strategically located in the heart of the process fabrication industry. This location allows Generon the unique access to World Class suppliers of Feed Air Compressors, Nitrogen Booster Compressors, and related ancillary equipment. This means that our customers are assured access to the latest technology, service and product designs that puts the Generon IGS System Technology as the best in the industry.

As the largest independent and internationally oriented company for non-cryogenic gas separation technology in the world, and with the addition of our patented Compressed Air Dryer Membrane systems, we are in the very unique position of supplying competing technologies, covering all processes and plant sizes. Our products include:

GENERON® IGS is the world leader in air separation membrane technology for the generation of on-site nitrogen gas. Our Nitrogen Generator systems produce inert nitrogen from a compressed air source in the quantity you need, at low cost. Nitrogen of purities from 90% to 99.9% can currently be produced, and Generon is working with new membrane technology that will remove any limits on purity.

As energy costs are the main part of the operational costs of a PSA nitrogen generator in general, IGS has dedicated special attention to this issue and has developed an optimized PSA process in order to make the NITROSWING® PSA nitrogen Generator the most efficient product currently available on the market.

GENERON® has built on its excellent knowledge in hollow fiber technology and developed a new class of membranes for the dehydration of compressed air. The introduction of the GENERON® Dehydration Technology, as was the case with its Nitrogen Membrane technology, will change the technologies from the traditional methods of regeneration tower dryers with all the associated switching valves, absorbents and process heaters, to a simple one pass system with NO MOVING PARTS and 10X reduction in foot print.

All OXYSWINGY® PSA Oxygen Generators will be dimensioned to the toughest local ambient conditions at the installation site in order to guarantee the supply of the requested oxygen quantity by the customer even under these extreme circumstances.

IGS Is the Worlds Largest Supplier of Portable Nitrogen Systems. IGS has supplied over 500 systems globally. IGS specializes in supplying customized high efficiency Mobile Nitrogen Generators to the Oil and Gas and Chemical Industry.

IGS has a highly integrated rental group designed to meet your short term / long term nitrogen and service requirements. All IGS Nitrogen Generator rentals utilize the high efficiency Generon Nitrogen Membrane Modules.

IGS has a lineup of standard booster packages for wellhead applications. These include multistage recips to go directly to pipeline pressures and screw compressors for low pressure gathering systems. We also build compound systems with screw compressors feeding reciprocating compressor boosters for specialized applications such as seismic air guns.