As featured in Mobile Enterprise Magazine, May/June 2014:

You are in sales. You finally get in front of the right person—the decision maker. It’s time to present your offerings; chances are if you pull out a printed brochure or big paper catalog, the decision maker has already decided—to pass.

But, break out an iPad and swipe the screen that has detailed images or videos and the most current product data, then a sale is much more likely to happen. Better yet, offer customers their own mobile app for your business, and make it easy for them to get the information they need before even contacting a rep.

This is where many sales organizations find themselves—in between yesterday and today— and the Filtration Division of Eaton, a diversified industrial manufacturer, is no different. In order to continue its commitment to exceptional customer service and better enable its sales force, Eaton released its eFiltration mobile app for iPhone and iPad. The user-friendly powerful tool helps customers make quick, informed decisions about their industrial filtration needs, right in the palm of their hands.

The company realized that as more tech savvy, socially engaged people enter the workforce, it would have to be able to reach this new demographic of customers, engineers, maintenance workers, distributors, etc. This understanding was the beginning of a change in strategy that could communicate Eaton’s value proposition in a modern way.

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