Noise Facts

  • OSHA regulates and monitors in-plant noise
  • Allowable noise is a function of dBA level at certain distance over an exposure time.
  • OSHA regulations state 90 dBA for an 8 hour work period using slow responic setting on meter.
  • Adding a second noise producer of equal dBA will add 3 dBA to the first dBA reading.
  • Sound pressure level (SPL) decreases with distance (d)

(SPL)2 = (SPL)1 – 20LOG (d2/d1)

Therefore, each doubling of distance results in 6 dBA reduction.Ametek Engineering Basics, Noise_Page_1


Ametek Engineering Basics, Noise_Page_2

Please see the Ametek/Regenerative Blower page on our website see the Ametek Rotron Industrial Blower Noise Chart and the Rotron dBA at Distance Conversion Chart.

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