Hartzell Air Movement has launched a new website (www.hartzellairmovement.com). Key features of this new website are videos, new technical information, and better details on fans and products. “The new website it very interactive and the addition of videos is a big part of this,” explains Sean Steimle, President of Hartzell Air Movement. The new website is now a gateway to Hartzell Air Movement’s new fan selection software program called Hartzell-FLOW.

The new user-friendly website benefits customers by providing faster access to information. The benefit is more market focused to better serve customer specific applications. Customers can now easily locate all of the fans, videos, and literature by each market segment. Customers can also easily request quotes, gain access to service and warranty information, find their local sales rep, and ask questions regarding Hartzell Air Movement products. Steimle states, “Our new website will allow us to get closer to our customer base. They can learn about our fans quicker and we can respond to their requests quicker, further enhancing our relationship.”

Hartzell Air Movement is a leading manufacturer of industrial air moving solutions to a variety of markets throughout the world. The company manufactures in Ohio, Indiana, and Singapore. Hartzell has been in business since 1875.

If you would like more information on Hartzell Air Movement products, please contact us = your local field sales representative.