Hartzell Fan is excited about their brand new paint booth – a unique square transfer system for powder coat paint.  Powder coat paint is more durable for less scratches and fewer touch-ups.  Best part for customers – the process saves a couple of days on cure time!

  • A 3 stage pre-treatment process which includes cleaner, phosphate and rinse.
  • A Dry Oven at 250 degrees
  • A Blast booth to remove laser scale and gives better adhesion of the powder
  • A Phosphate rinse for better protection against corrosion
  • A flash dry and then…

The Powder Coat Booth

Powder Coat Booth


  • Fluidized hoppers
  • Electrostatic Application
  • Pulse Power
  • Any RAL or custom color

Finished off by 45 minutes in the cure oven and voila!