Caloritech Electric Heaters

from CCI Thermal

Caloritech™ from CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. features the broadest array of industry-standard heating products for industrial process heating with the most available optionson the market.

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Caloritech™ electric heaters, heating elements and heating accessories are well-known in the industry for their quality, reliability, performance and versatility. In addition to standard “off the shelf” industrial heaters and heating systems components, Caloritech™ also offers engineered heating solutions custom designed, manufactured and tested to satisfy customer specifications. No matter what your application or environment, Caloritech™ has a solution to fit your heating needs.

Caloritech™ products are, in many cases, also highly compatible with our other product lines — Cata-Dyne™, Ruffneck™, Norseman™ and DriQuik™ — to provide our customers with complete heating solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Caloritech Elements and Specialty Heaters

Caloritech™ Catalog: Section A

Elements and Specialty Heaters

Calvane™ heaters, tubular heaters, bolt heaters, tubular band heaters, mitosis heaters, finned tubular heaters, cartridge heaters, strip and finned strip heaters, hot plate/drum heaters, casting heaters, transit heaters.

Caloritech Immersion Heater

Caloritech™ Catalog: Section B

Immersion Heaters

Screwplug heaters, domestic immersion heaters, urn heaters, flange heaters, over-the-side heaters, pipe insert heaters, gate and gain heaters.

Caloritech Air and Space Heaters

Caloritech™ Catalog: Section C

Air and Space Heaters

Infrared radiant heaters, panel heaters, convection heaters, commercial and explosion-proof duct heaters, unit heaters, gate and gain heaters.


Caloritech Engineered Product

Caloritech™ Catalog: Section D

Engineered Products

Circulation heaters, heat transfer systems, custom engineered products, panel heaters, control panels, technical data.



Caloritech™ Catalog: Section E


Hot water boilers, steam boilers, condensate receiver packages, blow off tanks, packaged circulation heaters, calorifiers.

Caloritech Convection Heater

Transit Heaters – click here



Nuclear Products – click here


Controls and Accessories Available




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