Gearless Turbo

from Lone Star Blower

The Evolution of Efficiency!

Evolution of air bearing technology has been rapid in the past 10 years and has evolved into a simple and reliable package with the best efficiency on the market today.

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Lone Star is the leader of this revolutionary technology.

Lone Star offers the largest product range (20 to 1,000hp) of gearless turbo blowers and with over 2,300 units installed. There are many contenders and entries into this market but few have matched our success.

  • Efficient! – 20 to 40% more energy efficient offers less than 3 year payback
  • Quiet! – 75 to 85 dba
  • Space Savings! – Typically uses 1/3 the floor space of existing technologies
  • Low Maintenance! – No lubrication, alignment or scheduled maintenance beside filter change
  • Easy Installation! – Just add power and its ready to go

Gearless Turbo Standard Unit Performance Range

Lone Star represents the only gearless manufacturer in the world with a 500 hp air bearing element!

Take a look at our extensive range of gearless blowers from 20 to 500 hp single element and up to 1,000 hp dual element configurations.

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HP 20 MAX20-C060SE LSB15Max20C060SE
HP 30 MAX30-C060 LSB15Max30C060
HP 30 MAX30-C070 LSB15Max30C070
HP 40 MAX40-C090 LSB15Max40C090
HP 50 MAX50-C040 LSB15Max50-C040
HP 50 MAX50-C050 LSB15Max50-C050
HP 50 MAX50-C060 LSB15Max50-C060
HP 50 MAX50-C080 LSB15Max50-C080
HP 60 MAX60-C150 LSB15Max60-C150
HP 75 MAX75-C040S1 LSB15Max75-C040S1
HP 75 MAX75-C060 LSB15Max75-C060
HP 75 MAX75-C070 LSB15Max75-C070
HP 75 MAX75-C080 LSB15Max75-C080
HP 75 MAX75-C100 LSB15Max75-C100
HP 75 MAX75-C150 LSB15Max75-C150
HP 100 MAX100-C040S1 LSB15Max100-C040S1
HP 100 MAX100-C060S1 LSB15Max100-C060S1
HP 100 MAX100-C070 LSB15Max100-C070
HP 100 MAX100-C080 LSB15Max100-C080
HP 100 MAX100-C100 LSB15Max100-C100_r2
HP 100 MAX100-C150 LSB15Max100-C150
HP 150 MAX150-C040S1 LSB15Max150-C040S1
HP 150 MAX150-C060S1 LSB15Max150-C060S1
HP 150 MAX150-C070S1 LSB15Max150-C070S1
HP 150 MAX150-C080S1 LSB15Max150-C80S1
HP 150 MAX150-C100 LSB15Max150-C100
HP 165 MAX165-C150 LSB15Max165-C150
HP 200 MAX200-C040S1 LSB15Max200-C040S1
HP 200 MAX200-C060S1 LSB15Max200-C060S1
HP 200 MAX200-C070S1 LSB15Max200-C070S1
HP 200 MAX200-C080S1 LSB15Max200-C080S1
HP 200 MAX200-C100 LSB15Max200-C100
HP 200 MAX200-C120 LSB15Max200-C120
HP 250 MAX250-C040S1 LSB15Max250-C040S1
HP 250 MAX250-C060S1 LSB15Max250-C060S1
HP 250 MAX250-C080S1 LSB15Max250-C080S1
HP 250 MAX250-C100S LSB15Max250-C0100S
HP 300 MAX300-C040T LSB15Max300-C040T1
HP 300 MAX300-C060S1 LSB15Max300-C060S1
HP 300 MAX300-C080S1 LSB15MAX300-C080S1
HP 300 MAX300-C100S LSB15Max300-C100S
HP 400 MAX400-C060T1 LSB15Max400-C60T1
HP 400 MAX400-C070T1 LSB15Max400-C70T1
HP 400 MAX400-C080S1 LSB15Max400-C80S1
HP 400 MAX400-C100S LSB15Max400-C100S
HP 600 MAX600D-C040T1 LSB15Max600D-C040T1
HP 600 MAX600D-C060S1 LSB15Max600D-C060S1
HP 600 MAX600D-C080S1 LSB15Max600D-C080S1
HP 600 MAX600D-C100S LSB15Max600D-C100S
HP 600 MAX600D-C120 LSB15Max600D-C120
HP 800 MAX800D-C060T1 LSB15Max800D-C060T1
HP 800 MAX800D-C070T1 LSB15Max800D-C070T1
HP 800 MAX800D-C080S1 LSB15Max800D-C080S1
HP 800 MAX800D-C100S LSB15Max800D-C100S
HP 1000 MAX1000D-C060T1
HP 1000 MAX1000D-C080T1


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