Why Medical Desiccant dryer systems? While refrigerated air dryer technology is still acceptable for medical facilities, the desiccant dryer has become the preferred technology for Category 1 Healthcare applications because of low system duty cycles, drifting humidity levels and recurring hi-dewpoint nuisance alarms. Fluctuating humidity levels are experienced when refrigerated air dryers are utilized for Category 1 installations. Champion’s medical desiccant dryer system operates between 0 to +20 degrees F (pressure dewpoint) which in turn, eliminates your hi-dewpoint nuisance alarms completely.

Champion’s unique dryer system saves money by controlling the actual dryer purge cycle, this is accomplished by employing the standard dewpoint monitor. This monitor is an NFPA 99 code requirement and is also utilized as a purge saving control to ensure that the air being used for purge cycles is based on the facilities actual flow demand and usage factor. The complete line of medical and laboratory dryers are designed for 100% redundancy and includes a duplex filter and regulating bank with by-passing, and dewpoint and CO monitors. The flows listed in form # BT-26 represents 50% of the total system capacity per NFPA 99 Category 1 compliance. Champion’s medical and laboratory desiccant dryer systems are available from 5 to 260 scfm inlet condition range (@ 100 psig).

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