Travaini Pumps USA has manufactured Liquid Ring Vacuum pumps for Multi Phase
Extraction Systems, for Soil Vapor Extraction Systems and for other environmental
operations on a global scale for over 25 years.  Engineered for reliability and to operate with minimal attention and maintenance, our customers know they can rely on Travaini for outstanding performance and durability with product designed to operate in the most
hostile and demanding environments.  Pompetravaini Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps are
ATEX approved for suction of vapors classified as Class I Zone 0 internal and do not require flame arrestors due to the inherently safe low temperature mode of compression.

Special Application
• Continuous  Unattended In-field operation and in tight soil formations.
• Extreme Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) extraction
• Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) – For controlled low vacuum volatile contaminant
• Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) – For enhanced groundwater and product recovery rates

TRVX 1000 Series
• 40 to 75 HP
• Higher Efficiency
• Smaller Footprint
• Simplified Design
• Water Savings
• Reinforced for

Heavy-Duty  Applications
A point of reference for Soil Remediation and Environmental Operations worldwide
THE TRVX 1000 SERIES: 1007 / 1005 / 1003 . The TRVX 1000 SERIES: features-advantages-benefits:
• 40% Reduction in the Footprint – Smaller and lighter for
greater portability and easier installation. Saving you
time and aiding convenience
• 25% savings on energy and sealing fluid costs – with
smaller components and lighter, more durable materials,
the increased operation efficiency results in huge cost of
ownership returns.
• 10%, increased performance per HP – Improved efficiency
for faster, more effective results. Giving you the
competitive edge in addition to time and money savings.
• Simplified Design – fewer moving parts, interchangeable
port plates – for quicker, easier maintenance and less
wear and tear. With the resultant extended pump life,
the TRVX Series provides exceptional reliability for your
peace of mind and for your budget.

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