From their Soundwaves Newsletter

Universal AET has a long history of providing ASME Code pressure vessels for oil and gas, air process and power generation applications. ASME certified our Muscoda plant in 1983 to fabricate metallic pressure vessels. Since  then, we’ve built more than 3,500 “U”- or “UM”-stamped vessels.  Our capabilities also extend to vessels that must conform to Europe’s PED, China’s GB-150 or Russia’s GOST standards.  The following factors apply to ASME Code:

  • operating pressure may range from 15 to 3,000 PSIG
  • recommended for applications with vacuum exceeding 20 inches mercury
  • capable of handling hazardous or flammable gases
  • commonly used on blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps
  • suitable for use with pressure reduction valves and inline filters

The features and benefits of our pressure vessels include:


Pressure vessel design calculations

Certified vessel material

2:1 elliptical or hi-crown heads

Forged flanges

Inspection openings required

Qualified welders and procedures

Traveler form

Hydrostatic test

Data report

Third-party authorized inspector


Assures adequate material thickness

Assures correct material properties

Better head stress distribution

Improved flange strength & durability

Monitor vessel condition

Consistent welding results

Material & welder traceability

Validates vessel is leak-free

Documents materials & construction

Independent and experienced
We are also able to meet a variety of specifications and options, from material choices to
country of origin requirements and quality testing.